Help! My Teeth are Yellow

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Help! My Teeth are Yellow
Are you downcast when you look at your smile in the mirror because it’s, well, less than sparkly and white? Stained and yellow teeth can do a job on your self-esteem, but there are treatment options that can turn things around. Read on to learn more.

Your smile is your visual calling card, and when you don’t feel 100% confident about how it looks, it can bring you down and affect your self-esteem. 

One of the most frequent cosmetic challenges people experience with their teeth is yellowing, staining, and other discoloration — probably because of the multitude of things that can lead to discolored teeth. 

The team at Cisco Dental wants to give you the most beautiful style possible, and Dr. Jarred Donald has an impressive level of expertise in providing the latest in advanced whitening treatments. His patient-first approach means that he listens to your questions and concerns, and ensures that every experience you have here at Cisco is positive, no matter what treatment you receive. 

Why are my teeth yellow? They look unsightly!

We know it’s a cause for concern and embarrassment when you look in the mirror and see a dingy smile. As we noted before, there are many causes that contribute to teeth that aren’t white and bright, and some have to do with your teeth’s natural shade (there are many shades of teeth that are considered normal) and heredity, while others are modifiable and involve lifestyle habits , including what you eat and drink.

Teeth yellowing and staining is linked to:

  1. Genetics, a factor in yellowing, since your natural tooth shade is as unique as you are.
  2. Aging, which causes discoloration because, as you get older, the outer enamel of your teeth wears away, revealing the dentin underneath. The shade of your dentin can range from gray to black, but most often is a pale yellow.
  3. Traumatic injury, which can also cause discoloration of the tooth because blood gets into its pulp.
  4. Excess fluoride, which can also change your tooth color. Some water supplies are naturally high in fluoride, or it is added, while too many fluoride products, from toothpaste and supplements to products administered at the dentist’s office can end up discoloring your teeth. This is why dental applications should be tracked carefully.
  5. Food and beverages, which are major yellowing culprits. Some of the most staining are tomato sauce, berries, coffee and tea, colas, and red wine.
  6. Lax dental hygiene, including not brushing or flossing enough, results in the staining agents in plaque causing stains.
  7. Certain medications like some antibiotics, which can contribute to tooth discoloration.
  8. Health conditions and treatments, which can affect tooth color. Some examples include head and neck radiation if you’re undergoing treatment for cancer, or if you’re pregnant, some infections you acquire can affect your developing baby’s enamel.
  9. Some dental materials, like amalgam restorations that contain silver sulfide, which can give your teeth a gray or black cast.
  10. Using tobacco in any way, whether you smoke or chew it, which is very staining to the teeth. This is yet another great reason to quit, ASAP!

Fortunately, Dr. Donald has transformed many a smile with impressive whitening treatments that are done here in our office, and there are home whitening options as well that he may recommend. 

Your options for tooth whitening

When you come to Cisco Dental for tooth whitening treatment, you’re under the best care. 

Dr. Donald may recommend a treatment that employs a potent solution on your teeth that really zaps the stains. When you come in for your visit, we get you comfortable, isolate your tongue and the soft tissue inside your mouth, and carefully apply this solution to the front side of all of your teeth. 

We also offer a treatment system that involves the use of a special treatment light to activate the whitening capabilities of the solution. Our in-office treatments lighten your teeth by multiple shades — the results are really quite extraordinary. 

After the solution sits on your teeth for a bit of time, Dr. Donald rinses it off, revealing your new gleaming pearly whites. Our patients consistently walk away from treatment surprised that it took such a short time and amazed at the transformative results. 

If you’d rather try a home treatment, we offer whitening systems designed for home use that use trays that envelop your teeth and keep the professional-strength whitening agent where it should stay. This treatment takes a bit more time to get results, as opposed to the instant ones you get from in-office treatments, but it’s a good choice for patients who want to watch the shade of their smile change gradually and make the decision about when it’s “just right.” 

Whichever whitening method you choose, Dr. Donald will also have a conversation with you about how to preserve your results. It’s best to rinse your mouth after eating foods that are known to stain, and to use a straw to drink dark beverages. This helps keep them away from the surfaces of your teeth. Finally, don’t forget to take scrupulous care of your teeth each day, and don’t skip regular dental check-ups and cleanings here at Cisco!

Call our office in Cisco, Texas, at 254-442-2000 to find out more about tooth whitening so you can feel great about your smile again, or use our convenient online booking tool. We can’t wait to see your smile’s metamorphosis!